Swimming With Manatees: Bliss in the Water

Being in the water with animals from ancient times, floating about and appreciating their energy and beauty, can be a once in a lifetime experience. The manatees are one of the last endangered species which we still allow contact with humans. It may be limited contact, but you at least you get to see this amazing sea mammal in their natural environment. Not only that, but you also get to swim with them, being part of the natural party and enjoying the delights of sun and water.

You have probably seen the luminescent pictures of the manatees swimming midst the seaweed, light flickering through making stripes of light on their skin. You feel like you want to be there with them. After all, they do prefer to swim in warm waters. You will mostly find them in Florida, their beloved home of homes and it is also where to swim with manatees. In Crystal River, you do have the opportunity to swim with these lovely creatures. Any of these times, it might be the last time you are able to swim with them.

where to swim with manatees

Find great tours in the area and enjoy the wonder of manatee magic. The kids will love it and the adults will feel like kids again. It is like swimming in a fountain of youth with all sorts of animal wonders about. It is a great time for a family outing and also fine for couples to visit. Either way, it is hard to find people who would not want to go on such a trip.

The natural world carries many species which we do not understand or even know about. Manatees have been showing themselves for quite some time, as though they are greeting humans, much as dolphins do. Unfortunately, they have suffered similar fates of death and destruction humans have laid out for them so many times.